My full name is Nurul Aida Binti Kapli. I'm turning a year older each year. Still, I'm forever a kid in the heart. I went to Tadika Perpaduan, SK Leftenan Adnan, SMK Jalan Empat and currently further my studies in Diploma Pharmacy in UiTM Kampus Bertam, Pulau Pinang.

I am a shy and quiet person. But at the same time, I talk a lot and active. I annoy people that I am close with. I don't really have much acquaintance, neither at school nor university. Lonely, yes I am. 

Because of that, since I was in primary school, I enjoy writing. I write diary since I was 11 years old. Mostly I write about how things are going on in my life, best friends' names, guys that I had crush on, the drama I am currently watching and kpop idols that I am stanning. Well, I still write in my diary but less when compared to the old days. 

I get my first laptop and wifi when I was 13 years old, as a UPSR present from my mother. And during 2011, blog is a big hit! 

My best friend, Sazianty is into blogging a bit earlier than me. Because she knows more about blogging, especially how to change templates and all, I asked her to teach me from A to Z. Since then, I write sincerely from my heart about everything that I feel important and things I do not want to forget and post it here, in my own space which is my blog. 

I'm kind of regret for deleting my old posts since 2011 because I don't want to miss those parts of my life. Tapi dah TERdelete so, I can't do anything. Let's just move on and try to not delete any post after this.

I am not good in English, but I still want to write in that language because I like it. I did a lot of grammatical errors and lacked of vocabulary, I'm sorry. I am still learning. I learn through reading others' blogs, my favourites; Proudduck, Iman Abdul Rahim, Iman Writes Here and Dear Diary. I hope one day, my writing can be as amazing as theirs. 

With love,